Golf Cart Rentals

Peachtree City has over 100 miles of cart paths. We rent golf carts by the day, week or month. Our golf cart rental rates are some of the lowest in Peachtree City. We have 4 and 6 passenger gas powered carts.

Explore Peachtree City in a golf cart rental from Golf Cart Masters!


Hourly $25 /4passenger/ $35/6passenger/

Daily $55 /4passenger/ $75/6passenger/

Weekend $145 /4passenger/ $180/6passenger/

Week $225 /4passenger/ $295/6passenger/

Month $595 /4passenger/ $725/6passenger/

ABSOLUTELY no refunds once you book your rentals !!!

$300 for 4 passenger & $500 for 6 passenger Security Deposit is required !!!

ABSOLUTELY No "Off Road" driving and NO OVERLOAD with passengers.

Our rental carts are NOT perfect; they are heavily used & may present various small issues. Absolutely NO REFUNDS will be issued, for complaints AFTER the Renter’s rental period has ended, for reasons including but not limited to: Not having fun, engine noise, smell of gas fumes, speed of cart, cosmetics (body damage), minor mechanical problems (i.e., fuel gauge not working, lights/horn not working, rattles, flat tires, etc.), & citations made to the Renter while the cart is in the Renter’s possession

If a Renter has a problem/complaint with any component of the rental cart, it is the Renter’s responsibility to notify Golf Cart Masters’ Staff within the first 1 hour the cart is in the Renter’s possession if any refunds/exchanges are requested (but NOT guaranteed). Refunds will be issued at the owner’s discretion.